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Keto Diet For Cancer Treatment: Does It Work?

New research study suggests the ketogenic or keto diet plan may show useful in helping treat some kinds of cancer by boosting the efficacy of chemotherapy and other drugs.

The secret to success is keeping blood sugar level under control. The keto diet does just that by limiting carbs to a minimum.

It includes high fat foods and also contains foods with a sufficient quantity of protein and an extremely low quantity of carbs. Glucose is stemmed from sugar that exists in carbs.

The way the keto diet works and the factor why it's being considered as part of a treatment to treat some forms of cancer, is that it deprives the body of glucose. This glucose deprivation induces a state called "ketosis.".

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In ketosis, the body is required to use saved fat in the kidneys instead of sugar to produce an alternative source of energy.

A brand-new study checks out the keto diet as a prospective avenue for treatment of specific kinds of cancer. A team of scientists from the University of Texas at Dallas restricted the levels of flowing glucose in mice by feeding them a ketogenic diet plan and administering a diabetes drug that stops the reabsorption of blood sugar in the kidneys.

The scientists published their paper in the journal Cell Reports. An assistant professor of life sciences at the University of Texas at Dallas, Jung-Whan Kim, is the corresponding author of the brand-new study while Meng-Hsiung Hsieh is the very first author.

Previously, a cancer type called squamous cell cancer (SCC) relies greatly on glucose to sustain its "antioxidative capability and survival" compared to other types of cancers, according to Kim and his group.

The team reasoned restricting glucose must make SCC more susceptible to treatment. To check this theory, they fed mice with xenograft tumors with either a ketogenic diet plan consisting of 0.1% carbs or a typical diet plan.

" Xenograft tumor growth of lung SCC [...] and esophageal SCC [...] was considerably inhibited upon ketogenic diet plan as compared to typical chow fed groups," said the research study.

Kim noted that both the ketogenic diet and the medicinal constraint of blood glucose by themselves prevented the more development of SCC growths in mice with lung cancer. On the other hand, the glucose constraint did not affect non-SCC tumors.

" While these interventions did not shrink the growths, they did keep them from advancing, which recommends this type of cancer might be susceptible to glucose restriction.".

Kim stated their outcomes recommend this technique is "cancer cell type particular. We can not generalize to all types of cancer.".

Kim said the essential finding of their new study in mice is that a ketogenic diet alone does have some tumor growth repressive impact in SCC. But when the group combined this with a diabetes drug and chemotherapy, the therapy was even more reliable.

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Post by tysonhoqp953 (2019-08-26 20:48)

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